Calvin B. Rhone

Man with a word and a song!

Welcome to my website.  Right now it's a start.  Nevertheless, keep watching for improvements and advancements.

With this website I aim to share the gifts and joys of my life, with the hope that it will inspire and empower.  

For many years I did not cherish the treasure God had placed within me.  Today that is different.  Everyone of us has a
God-given gift or gifts which we are to use to enrich the world around us.  I can only do my part.  You can only do
yours.  It is now my endeavor to do mine with awareness, understanding and purpose.          


Calvin B. Rhone

Calvin B. Rhone is a native of Los Angeles, California.  He has traveled the country for more than 30 years,
Singing, Preaching, playing Piano, and conducting Gospel Music Workshops.  London England and Japan
has received him well and requests him to return.

As a songwriter, he has blessed the nation with many songs recorded by the late Rev. James Cleveland,
Tramaine Hawkins, Daryl Coley, Albertina Walker, esther Smith, the Mass Choir of the GMWA, the Los
Angeles Gospel Messengers, and many others.

1992 introduced him as a solo artist on CGI records.  Dr. Bobby Jones dubbed him, “Mr. Live In Me Jesus.”  
“Allelujah, Praise Jehovah,” “It’s In The Praise,” “Jerusalem,” “I Really Love You,” and many other
compositions, have found their way into the hearts of thousands.  Choirs, groups, soloists, even congregations
sing his music all over the country.

Most importantly, Calvin B. Rhone is the organizing Pastor-Teacher of Hope of Glory Christian Center of Los
Angeles.  His motto is Jeremiah 3:15, …I will give you pastors according to my own heart, who will feed you
with knowledge and understanding…  His revelation is, …Christ in you, the hope of glory. (Col. 1:27).  Pastor
Rhone says, The more people learning and living the Mind of Christ, the more Christ will be present in the
community.  That’s what he strives after, teaching and developing folk in the Mind of Christ.  I strive to stamp
out biblical illiteracy and spiritual ignorance.  We are developing people to exhibit the glory of Christ in daily
living, through knowledge of God’s Word and awareness of Chris’s indwelling.